The key to traveling at a low cost is to be flexible with your dates and plan ahead of time. You want to clear your work schedule according to your travel vs setting a date to travel. When searching through each link, you will see open travel dates suggested for each location. To receive the discounted price, you will want to pick these dates or somewhere relative to them. These prices are normally based on a 5-7 day trip.

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Important tip: Before you book a travel, make sure you check your destinations climate conditions. Determine their off-peak season and try to visit during those times to keep your expenses low and less tourist traffic.


Each week, my goal is to provide to you a few top spots to eat at throughout the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale area. From dining in, to grab and go, you can start making your list of favorites to try. You can look through my “Foodie” highlights on my instagram page to see what I ordered and additional information about the venue. You can make reservations via the restaurants website or use “Open Table”.

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Below you can read through some really good articles that I found interesting to help encourage and educate you on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Still need assistance?…Try using Eating Well Recipes to guide you through. They have a ton of healthy recipe options for you to try!

Topic of the Week: “Nutrition Facts” by Kris Gunnars

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