The Day of Love…or Doom?

How do you prepare for the perfect Valentine’s Day? That can be simple for some guys but can be a load of pressure for most. Think about it….you get one day to show the person you love (or the one you’re chasing) just how important they are. What you bring to the table determines the outcome moving forward. It’s like taking the last shot in a basketball game to advance to the championship round. Question is: what do you get? Do you buy jewelry, a designer bag, or maybe a dog? Some might even book a vacation but do you really have to jump that high? Let’s face it, guys are pretty simple and women can be a little more perplexed, intricate, or what my good friend Jada Pickett-Smith refers to as “entangled”. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or single, my advice to you…don’t reach for the stars if you can’t make the trip often. Instead, be genuine and give the one thing that you know will speak to her without you having to say a word.

Reactions like this never gets old. | Photo: @lifestyleguru_kd

Before I got married, I told my wife that I “promise to never stop pursuing her“. That I would make sure I treat her the same way and do the things that won her heart & brought us together as one. One of those things were giving her flowers. Sounds lame…I know…but there’s a method to my madness. Now at that point in time, we would only see each other on weekends (Friday – Sunday mainly). Each time she arrived, I would always have a small bouquet of flowers waiting on the counter for her as she would walk in. The first time I gave her flowers, her reaction was like watching the sun rise over mountains. Her face had a glow that was unreal and she couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Later when we finally moved in together, I continued this routine and called it “Flower Fridays” as she would be welcomed by a bouquet of flowers once reaching home from work. Although she knew to expect it each week, the suspense of the flower arrangement and presentation kept her excited. At times it was with a home-cooked meal, a gift, or just a simple note of expression. Was it all done to impress her?…not really; but more so to reassure her of my love and to see that same smile on her face from when we first started dating.

Although Valentine’s Day is just one day recognized by the world, it doesn’t have to be the only day you do something extravagant or simple. What matters most is the thoughtfulness that goes into it, and the return you gain from it. That’s why I am so grateful to have the help of 1-800-flowers! This year I’m letting the flowers do the talking with their “I love You” Conversation Roses. What’s great about 1-800-Flowers is that shipment is normally received within two days, securely boxed, and with everything needed to make your arrangement breathtaking and on time. Because of them, I have been able re-create a special moment every Valentine’s Day and all year long. Keeping the spark in my marriage is important and with a variety of different options that speaks volume without saying a word…well what more do you need? You might say to yourself that flowers don’t last forever; however the memories of each moment offering a simple gesture of love, appreciation, or just to say “Thank You” will never be forgotten…and neither will you!

“I love You” Conversation Roses from

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