Location: Springdale, Utah

Remember those phrases that you heard repeatedly from your parents and other relatives; “Go to school“, “Graduate from college“, “Get a good job“, “Buy a house“, “Build a family“…and the list goes on and on. But nowhere in between does one say “Explore life”. Why is that? Maybe they all remember the one time they left you home alone, and you almost burned down the house (or was that just me?). We’ve been taught and have become so focused on preparing our lives for what’s to come rather then enjoying our lives when it comes. You shouldn’t have to encompass all aspects of your life based upon attaining a certain status in order to really enjoy it. Imagine waking up one day saying “Having dinner in Canada sounds amazing”. Now there’s two ways we can look at this. On one side you need a nice bank account, maybe a private jet, and if you live in Miami like me, a separate closet for winter clothes. But on the other, all you need to do is find the dates, schedule your life around those days and then enjoy! I know…I know, in your head you’re thinking its not that simple KD; but it truly is! Don’t let your financial woes discourage you from discovering what’s on the other side of the world! We all have bills and some of those bills will be around for a long time (like being added to child support payments), so there’s no point in you AND the bills going nowhere. Let me give you some tips that helped change my life and now has me addicted.

Let’s plan it out….

The one thing you want to avoid is to plan the precise trip to take. You know…the one where you leave on a Thursday (yelling “girls trip”) and return on Sunday so that you can go back to work without missing too many days. When you do that, you and millions of others are most likely thinking the same location and dates; holidays in particular. The months of May – August are the most desired times to travel. These months can still be an option, but first research your destinations “Off Peak” season. You’ll find less crowds, better opportunities for hotel stay, and cheaper travel. For most places the month of February – April, and September – November are off peak seasons to travel. Start with these months first to stay within budgets and have more time for activities with less people around. Second, book your travel for at least 5-7 days (or more), leaving out on a Wednesday and returning on a Tuesday. Most of the nation is busy doing office work and not in the airports; so someone has to keep the pilots and stewardess occupied.

Location: Singapore (Marina Bay)

Next, you want to book your travel ahead of time. I once booked a vacation 9 months in advance. (Talk about anticipation). But it was worth it! When searching, the best days to look for flights are on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Airline will throw out flight deals for specific locations due to additional planes being added or last few seats needed to be filled. I find my best deals late Tuesday nights after 11pm. Also during your search, try using the multi-segment options (Advance search). I’ve found that flights arriving into one country and returning from another country have been significantly cheaper. And if you’re booking 5-7 day trips, that’s enough time to travel to at least two countries. For example, you want to go to Paris and flights are $900 round trip. Some people may say, that’s not a bad price. But if you fly into Barcelona, take a small flight or train to Paris; then return home from Paris, your flight(s) could cost you $400 total round trip. The objective is to get to the “area” of your destination at the least expense. Once you’re there, traveling close by is so cheap, not even Walmart can top the prices.

If you still can’t find what you’re searching for, click on the LINKS menu on my site. You’ll find several cheap flight options to places like Rome, Paris, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more. No more wondering! No more excuses! No more waiting! Make a choice and go see for yourself what’s really on the other side!

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