Can’t Sugarcoat This! just recently had their grand opening in Wynwood. Check them out on Instagram @trypinkpie

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you deserve a special reward? Whether it was a hard week of work, staying strict to your diet for 30 days, or even finally cleaning your entire house from head to toe, the efforts put forth needs recognition! Or maybe it could just be me. In either case, I found some delicious options for us both. I have a love/hate relationship for baked goods, and cookies are at the top of the chain as my weakness. Lately bake shops have found some intricate and creative ways to leave you salivating for their products. But let me be first to warn you, you have to have self control. The options are endless!!! From central Miami to South Beach and even as far west as Sweetwater I’m going to share with you some of my favorite spots.

Let’s get started…

Wynwood…the Art District of Miami. The home of the locals that transitioned to one of the top tourist locations in Miami. Find art amongst walls from prominent artist, to pop up shops, bars, and tasty restaurants. But there’s nothing more tasty than “Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop“. No need for a water hose at this place…this bakery is FIRE!!! From cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, you name it. It’s like walking into Toys R Us as a kid and your parents say “pick one toy”…are you serious!! They are famous for their signature “Crack Pie” – Powdered sugar pie that will leave you confused. Others I love are their “Carrot Cake” (best in Miami by far), “White Chocolate & Guava Cookies”, and the “Oreo Cheese Cake”. If you’re brave, you can order a custom shake. Take your pie of choice (I say choose the Chocolate Peanut butter pie) and add two scoops of ice cream to create a one way ticket to heaven! You can follow them on Instagram (@fdpies) or check out the full menu more info at

Photo taken from @fdpies on Instagram

South Beach…the party scene! There’s nothing like hanging out with friends, grabbing dinner, and having drinks at one of the many night clubs. But there’s a hidden gem located off of 16th & Washington Ave. It’s called “Phenomenon Cookies“. Ooooooh baby! These cookies are something else. Made from scratch with their secret recipe and cooked fresh daily, these cookies are super gooey and super fun to eat. A few of the hottest orders are the “M&M Oreo”, “S’mores”, and the “Chocolate Chip Pecan”. Grab one if you can make a decision…or grab a box of four and share the love with a friend or two. You can follow them on instagram (@phenomenom320) or check out more info at

Photo taken from Hope Hua google review

Sweetwater…also known as “The Midget Community”. Sounds insane right? But I’ll let you look up that story. Currently Sweetwater is a southwest residential area where just south of it sits Florida International University (FIU) and just north, the third most visited destination, Miami’s Dolphin Mall. Now there’s a third reason to look up Sweetwater, and its called “Night Owl Cookies“. One of few bakeries that stay open until 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends. Sounds pretty late for some cookies right? I showed up just after midnight and the place was packed. They offer about 12-15 different selections of flavors you loved as a kid to the ones you cherish as an adult. Try these if you dare: “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”, “ChocoLIT Dream” -super oreo delight, “Ava Maria” – guava & white chocolate chips, and they even have one for my vegans out there…”The Vegan“. You can follow them on Instagram (@nightowlcoookies) or check out the full menu and more info at

Photo taken from @lifestyleguru_kd on Instagram

Want to keep up with my foodie quest on a daily basis and see the places I visit for signature dishes and more? Just follow me on instagram (@lifestyleguru_kd) and check out my stories and highlights.

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