The Stakes are too High!

Time is what we want most…but what we use worst” – William Penn

Photograph Location: Miami, FL

Whats Up! Its KD aka The Lifestyle Guru…and this is my life! First I want to say thank you all for following. I find inspiration through the questions and concerns that you all have which allows me to write. So keep them coming!

Lets catch up…

Its 2019!!! Yup another year has surpassed us and gives us a brief moment to look back at 2018 and ask ourselves “what the hell did I accomplish”. From that, we base what our lives will be by using the most well-known cliche ever…”New Year, New Me!” Lets be honest…is it really a new you? The month of January becomes the motivational driving force to cut things (and people) out of your life, change actions, or even try something new. Then slowly…that “new you” finds its way back home. Yup! Been there, done that. In reality, you ended up projecting too many goals or may have raised the bar a little too high to stay committed. We’re talking 365 days!! Thats 8,760 hours if the first number wasn’t enough to convince you. I know time flies, but let’s keep it real. Why spend the effort of trying to withhold yourself to a standard thats not fit for you, when you can just make simple adjustments on a weekly or monthly basis. How does one do that KD? Set your accomplishments into categories, be direct with your list, then filter them throughout the year where it’s most feasible to occur.

Lets paint the picture…

“KD…I wanna travel more”. That’s cool, but where to? For how long? And with whom do you want to travel with? If you can answer these questions, you can narrow your choices. Commit yourself to a set number of days (5 days is pretty typical for a nice trip). Factor in flight time on both ends, stay in a hotel or apartment that’s centrally located, and make a small list of things to do/see. Oh yeah, create a daily budget for certain things throughout the day. It’s not fun looking at that bank account on the flight home. For example, the easiest one is food. I use the $15/$25/$35 rule (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). This alone will offer you more time to explore and experience the important parts of your vacation. Listen…don’t be that person to has to do the most just because it’s a trip far from home. Or like my mom would say “act like you’ve been somewhere before” and save room for next time. That way when you return, you have a different purpose.

Photograph Location: Bali, Indonesia

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“KD…I want to lose 20 lbs by my birthday”. (I swear if I were paid every time I heard this, I’d be living lavishly.) What made you choose 20 lbs? What are you unhappy about? How far away is your bday? Maybe its just me, but I swear everyone’s birthday is always three weeks away. Talk about pressure! However, these are questions you need to be more realistic with before setting a goal. To be honest, 5 lbs in either direction can make a difference in both your physical & emotional appearance. So try focusing on smaller, accomplishable, goals on a weekly basis. The less stress you place on yourself, the more consistent your actions will be able to maintain. To do this, you need to first set time aside for yourself! This time can be one hour in the gym, or 30 minutes to go for a run, or even 2 hours to meal prep healthier options for a controlled diet. Also, create some guidelines for yourself. Or in other words, Dos and Donts! Do: Drink more water, cook more often, buy some really cool workout gear. Aye…if you look good, you feel good! Donts: Party and get drunk multiple nights, eat at fast food restaurants, make unnecessary excuses. Whichever route you choose to take, your time and effort will produce change.

Phototgraph Location: Core Fitness Miami

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