Imagine That!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

— Izaak Walton

(Finding your true passion can be shocking; but accepting is rewarding)
(Finding your true passion can be shocking; but accepting it becomes rewarding)

MY FIRST BLOG!!! I can hear some of my friends saying “its about damn time”. I know, I know…but the wait is over and its time to give the people what they’ve want. Not going to lie, I’m a little excited about doing blogs and I hope that I can deliver not only an informative script but something entertaining that’ll help brighten someone’s day or at the least just look forward to receiving.

First things first… Lets catch up!

As a kid the one thing that kept me motivated and driven to succeed was my imagination. (For all of my 80s babies, lets blame that on the Muppet Babies) I knew everything that I wanted; from my career job to the type of house, the car(s), where I would live, the places I would travel, the food I would eat, and even the perfect family I would have. I had all of these plans; yet in reality, growing up in a single parent household of three children, having the means to do things wasn’t ideal. Some things came easy, but there were many I had to turn away from. Being that my mom worked continuously throughout my youth so that she could provide for the family, I would rarely see here. Only short moments before school and if lucky, sometimes before bed. How was I going to make my imaginations become my reality? ‘Nothing to fear; for I have the golden ticket!’ (its actually better if you say it a super hero) But my one way ticket, that I had full control over to get me there was my education. Many can say that I was a smart kid (although I say genius); this should be simple right? All I have to do is stay out of trouble, get good grades, land that degree and I am on my way. Little did I know, this was going to be a journey I was going to have to take on solo. My older brother enlisted into the military when I was 9 years old and wasn’t coming back anytime soon. My older sister had moved out and started her own life as an adult leaving the house to me and my mom (remember the lady I mentioned that never stopped working). Carrying the same characteristics as my mom, I put in a lot of work. I was committed! I knew that I had to adapt fast, take my chances and explore my small world one step at a time.

Lets fast-forward…

June 10, 2000…..I DID IT!!! That’s right…this guy graduated high school #10 of his class. Look out world I’m just getting warmed up and ready to take on the next level. This is going to be the best and fastest 4 years ever…so I said. Side note: You ever wonder how your life would turn out if you did things different in high school? Naw….me neither. May 6, 2006 (so much for those fast 4 years) I did it again; I am a college graduate. It was a long and hard fought 10 years of school, but I made it and it was time to put the pieces together as I landed my first job in one of the best cities (besides Chicago) anyone could live in…Miami, Florida!! Come on…who doesn’t want to live where it’s summer all year round? I wasted no time starting day one on May 15th.  Clearly I didn’t think this through very well. So much for a fun summer. Anyhow, I packed up my Honda Civic with whatever I could manage to fit inside. My dreams were within reach, and the road to success was clear until the one thing we call real life introduce itself. Oh…I have to pay rent, a car note, insurance, all utilities, a phone bill, food, gas, school loans, and credits cards on a monthly basis for the rest of my life?? WHAT!!! (This is that time where you regret putting everything on that credit card you easily got in college)  Sadly, this had become my new life’s routine. As quick as the checks came in, the money going out went faster. So much of a routine that making visits home to see friends and family started to diminish. What just happened? What did I miss? Where did I go wrong? But like everything else…life moves on.

The year is now 2015…Christmas day to be exact. I received a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to take a trip to Dubai. “Are you insane?” There was no way I could afford to make that trip let alone pay for the things I have now. However, this trip was different. Somehow, there was a “computer glitch” and flights to Dubai were starting at $200. I kid you not! I thought it was a joke too. However, the dates were listed for May and September of 2016. Almost a year wait to take this trip seemed unpredictable. What if I had an important deadline to meet at work? What if I had to fly somewhere with family? What if I get really sick? (Some of these questions sound familiar huh). I thought long and hard and it was probably the best decision that I could have ever made. It took me 9 years, but this guy just booked his first international flight! I felt like I was at the podium ready to receive an Oscar Award but with no speech prepared. Sounds pretty lame; I know…I know.  Over the years, I had made countless excuses why I couldn’t step outside of my routine forgetting the one reason I had started this journey and that was to follow my imagination. This was my chance, this was my moment, this was going to be my new life. After that trip and to this current day, I have traveled to 13 different countries and multiple cities within. May not be a lot to some people, but I explored different cultures, ate some of the worst but also some of the most delicious food ever, seen historic monuments and established new friends.

Lets be real!

There are people who have goals and there are some who have dreams. Sometimes we let our goals become so much of a focal point that we push aside our dreams. Its never going to be the right time, its never going to be enough money set aside, its never going to be with the right person, its never going to be in the systematic order that you want. Life is about being flexible. Moments of a lifetime come unexpectedly and you’ll never be ready…but there is one thing you can be; and that’s willing to take that chance. Don’t be afraid to enjoy life! Treat yourself to a five star meal, purchase those shoes you’ve always wanted, hire a trainer so that you can look good naked (see what I did there?), and book a random trip somewhere you’ve never been before. Why? Because you deserve it!

I created this blog for people who feels like the old me. But unlike me, you’re not alone. I going to share all of my experiences, reviews, and information on FOOD from local to upscale restaurants, TRAVELFun attraction and travel tips, FITNESSexercise techniques and diet plans, and LIFESTYLEfashion trends and more. You can follow me on Instagram (@lifestyleguru_kd) for all of my latest post and check out my highlights for any guides/ideas needed. Thank you for joining me and letting me help you bring your imagination to reality!

The world is full of choices…but you have to make the decision!

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